You know you want your carpet clean, but it's difficult to know who you can trust. Who will provide you with honest service and not try to up-sell procedures that should be included in the price? Who can you trust around your valuables? Who is going to be punctual and courteous? Your answer is clear, John's Pro Clean.

Knowledge is key to clean carpet.  Spraying products on carpet or upholstery without knowing the chemical reaction that may occur may be damaging to the fibers and dyes in your carpet or worse yet your investment of a fine rug. Trust the experts at John's Pro Clean to take you through the process of cleaning carpet (or hand-washing your rug) to give you the best possible cleaning available.

John is the owner/operator of John's Pro Clean. He loves the science behind cleaning all types of fibers and applies this science to bring about amazing results with your precious furnishings.


At John's Pro Clean, you can be assured you are receiving the most comprehensive cleaning available.


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Specializing in the art & science of cleaning wool, silk, fringe, & fine fabrics.

John's Pro Clean